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Bucket of Oats

Demonstrates excellent antioxidant properties which help soothe hot spots and itchy conditions while adding protein and lipids to the coat. Dilute 7:1; Leave in coat 5 minutes. 

Cedar Shield with Aloe

Cedar, Eucalyptus and citronella essence aid in repelling insects in this high quality, gentle shampoo. Leaves coat shiny and lustrous and is safe and mild. Dilute 4:1

Chiffon Silk

A luxurious shampoo containing silk protein and natural lipids. Adds shine and conditions coat. Excellent on any breed, especially long coated breeds, Dilute 10:1 

Coconut Breeze & Vitamin E Shampoo

A high quality Vitamin E shampoo. Helps return luster to damaged coats and restores natural oils to skin and coat. Dilute 10:1 

Crowning Glory with Aloe Shampoo

A high quality, gentle shampoo, aloe-vitamin based. Reduces rinsing time, enhances any coat color and does not alter the coat's natural texture. Promotes healthy skin. Dilute 12:1 

Lavender White Brightening Shampoo

Gentle whitening/brightening shampoo. This product will leave the coat shiny and lustrous. Enhances all coat colors with the use of optical brighteners and ultraviolet. Safe and mild. Dilute 8:1 

Melaleuca Medicated Shampoo

A naturally medicated shampoo containing tee tree oil. Helps in the treatment of dry flaky skin. Dilute 4:1

Pear Blossom Shampoo

Prickly pear cactus, a naturally-occurring insect repellant is the active ingredient, enabling this shampoo to provide effective protection from insects; deep cleaning without stripping the natural oils from the coat. Pear Blossom moisturizes and conditions the coat and skin and will soothe and heal flea bite dermatitis, hotspots and various other forms of irritated skin. Dilute 15:1 

Pearl Shampoo

Ultra Cleansing Premium Shampoo. Provides luster to coat and is TEARLESS as well as HYPOALLERGENIC. Effective on extremely dirty coats. Dilute 20-1.

White Cloud Thermogenic Shampoo

A natural Enzyme product enhanced with a whitening agent resulting in a bright coat. This is a heat activated product. White Cloud will remove stubborn stains and can reactivate with a blowdryer. Dilute 7:1 Use very warm water. Leave in coat 5 minutes. For tough stains Do not dilute. Warm shampoo before applying to stain. Leave in coat 5-10 minutes