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Cactus Flower Conditioner

A specialized conditioner restores damaged coats to a rich luster while moisturizing and soothing dry, irritated skin. The active ingredient, extracted from the prickly pear cactus, is a natural insect repellant and a healing agent; excellent for relieving flea bite dermatitis, hot spots, wounds and other skin conditions. Dilute 10:1; spray 30:1 Dilute with distilled water to leave in coat. 

Cloud Light Conditioner

A high quality, light conditioner. Helps to re-hydrate skin and coat. Dilute 3:1 for conditioner; Dilute 15:1 for harsh coats; Dilute 30:1 for finishing spray. Dilute with distilled water to leave in coat. 

Silk N Satin Conditioner

Silk conditioner formulated to control static. Excellent at removing mats. Makes brushing easier and reduces drying time. Adds body and sheen. Dilute 12:1; Daily grooming spray dilute 30:1. Dilute with distilled water to leave in coat. 

Ultra Phix Conditioner - Damaged Coat Repair

The Ultimate in coat repair and protection. Repairs damaged coat. It may be left in the coat when diluted with distilled water. Dilute 15:1

Velvet Touch Conditioner

Vitamins A and D and Herbal oils condition the coat to its optimum potential. It will leave the coat shiny and lustrous. Velvet Touch has no scent. If you like a fragrance, please do not hesitate to add a couple of drops of your favorite Organic Essential oil oils like Lavender or Rose when diluting. Dilute up to 32-1. When leaving in the coat, dilute with distilled water as you don't want to trap chlorine from tap water or metals from well water in the coat.